Our management team’s members are renowned businessmen with extensive technical experience in the oil industry

William Blackburn, Partner – Board of Directors
Mr. Blackburn is a Petroleum Engineer from Univ. Industrial de Santander – UIS, with 18 years of experience in Heavy and Intermediate Oil Fields not only in operations as Drilling, Work-over, Production and Transportation but also in Administrative and Management areas. Has worked with Omimex and CEREX and as a consultant for Hocol S.A and Halliburton.

Benito Vega, Partner –  Board of Directors
Mr. Vega is a Petroleum Engineer from Univ. Industrial de Santander – UIS, with 25 years of experience in Commercial, administrative and operational areas such as Drilling, Work-over, production and transportation. Has worked with Oxy, Argosy Energy, Ecogas and Baker Hughes Intnl.

Felipe Pimienta,  Partner –  Board of Directors
His 11 years executive experience spans responsibilities of strategic direction, business building and financial management. In particular, he has specialiced in establishing  oil and gas companies in South America like Delavaco Energy, sold to Alange (Pacific Rubiales today); APO ENERGY, (merged with P1 Energy), Verano Energy, formerly P1 Energy, sold to Parex, and Santa Maria Petroleum, formerly Quetzal Energy. Also served as the Chief Financial Officer and treasurer of West Canyon Energy Corp. (formerly Petro South Energy Corp. and Mobridge Explorations Inc). Previously, he served as a Senior Analyst and Executive Account Manager of Bansuperior. He also worked with Citibank, where he acted as an Asset Management Executive.

Roberto Aguilera, Advisor and Consultant
Mr. Aguilera is a Geologist from Univ. Nacional de Bogota, With 17 years of experience as a Geologist and Petrophysics, during all this time he has worked as a consultant for ANH, CCP consortium, Quetzal, Petronorte and other companies of the oil and gas sector.